Can I get a title loan if I am still financing my vehicle?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer secondary lien title pawns at our Panhandle Title branch and we do require that your vehicle is free and clear of any and all previous lien holders in order to qualify for a title pawn. Once you have satisfied your original or current financing, the staff at Panhandle Title can immediately process your title pawn application, as long as your previous lien was properly released either electronically or physically on your physical title.

If you have a physical title in which a lienholder was previously listed on the title, but the lienholder has since signed off, you do not need to take your title to the tax collector to have the previous lienholder removed from the title. The sign off on the physical title from your previous lienholder will releasee their interest in your vehicle and not prevent our company from obtaining a lien on your vehicle through the state. If you have misplaced your physical title with the previous lienholder’s lien release, you would need to contact your previous lienholder and request a lien release form through the state to be sent to you and you would have to take the physical copy of the lien release to the tax collector to have their lien released and a replacement title issued for your vehicle to be recorded a free and clear. The lien may have also already been released in the state’s system in order for a replacement title to be issued without contacting the previous lienholder for a lien release.

Call our Panhandle Title staff at (850) 785-2274 for more information about determining if your previous lien has been released in the state’s system! Our representatives would just need your title or VIN number (both can be found on your current registration) to look up this information for you!