Panhandle Car Title Loan Requirements

panhandle car title loan requirements


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At Panhandle Title, our car title loan requirements are easy to understand. We will need just a few basic things from you to approve your loan application – so let’s take a look at our requirements in depth now!

1. A “Free and Clear” Car Title in Your Name

First things first, we will need a “free and clear” title in your name. This means your title must have no liens on it, and you must own it outright. If you still have a loan on your car and are paying a bank, a car dealer, or another such third party for your car, you cannot get a title loan. You must own your car because it has to be put up as collateral for your loan. This cannot be done if another lender already has a lien on the car.

Your car title must also be in your name. It cannot be in the name of any other family member or person, so if it is not in your name, make sure that you go to the DMV and file the appropriate paperwork to get your name on the title.

2. Your Vehicle for a Quick 5-Minute Inspection

We just need to check the mileage, condition, make, model, and other details about your vehicle. This must be done to verify its value because we base your loan amount on the value of your vehicle. Don’t worry – you keep both your car and your keys!

3. Proof of Residency

You must prove your current address with some form of official documentation, like a bank statement, phone bill, or utility bill with your full name and your current address.

4. Proof of $1,000 min/Month Net Income 

We will only lend to those who can repay their loans, so you must be able to prove you have $1,000/month in net income from a job or any other source. You can use a pay stub, bank statement, or any other document that proves and verifies this income.

Apply Today – No Credit Checks or Insurance Required!

We do not require any traditional credit checks for your title loan, so you don’t have to worry about your credit being affected or failing to qualify due to bad credit. We also do not require any proof of insurance as part of our car title loan requirements, which makes things simpler when you’re applying for a car title loan with Panhandle Title.

If you meet all our application requirements, you can fill out an online quote right now, or come into our office in Cottonwood, AL, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!  Make sure you bring in your driver’s license or another such form of ID, too – and we will get you all set up with your Panhandle title loan in just a few minutes. Get started today!