Can I get a title loan with an electronic title?

Absolutely! In order to qualify for a title pawn with Panhandle Title, we are able to proceed and process your title pawn application when your title is electronically held through either the state of Alabama or the state of Florida! When your title is electronically held, we would need your current registration on the vehicle to prove the ownership of your vehicle and we can confirm with your state online that the title is currently an electronic title and process the necessary paperwork to secure the lien on the electronic title until your account is paid in full. Some of the other title loan companies require you to make a trip to your local tax collector’s office to pay the additional fees to obtain the physical title but this step is not necessary because an electronic copy of a title can be processed just the same as a physical copy of a title. Save yourself some time, money and the hassle of this unnecessary trip and get your electronic title pawn with Panhandle Title today!

If you are doubtful if your title is currently electronically held through your state, you can call our Panhandle Title staff at (850) 785-2274 and we can research it for you over the phone! You would need to have your VIN or title number ready for our staff to look it up online and let you know if your title is electronic or a physical copy. Both your title and VIN numbers are found on your registration!