How to Get a Car Title Pawn with a Low Score Credit Loans?

If you have low-score credit loans, you may think you can’t get a loan for emergency cash. But at Panhandle Title, we specialize in title pawns for bad credit. If you meet our requirements, you can get a loan – no matter how low your credit score may be. Learn more below and see how you can get the cash you need in the Florida Panhandle area.

low score credit loans

Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter for Car Title Pawns

At Panhandle Title, your low-score credit don’t matter. That’s because car title pawns are secured by the value of your car. When you get a loan from us, we’ll place a lien on the title and once your car title loan is repaid, Panhandle Title will remove the lien from your vehicle.

So, if you have low credit and need money, a title pawn from Panhandle Title may be just what you need. And don’t worry – you keep your car and your keys while you repay your short-term pawn! If you have further questions you should visit our how does a title car pawn works guide

Our Title Pawn Requirements at Panhandle Title

To qualify for a title loan at our office, you need to meet a few requirements:

  • You must own a paid-off vehicle with a free and clear title. You cannot be making any payments on your car, and the title must be in your name
  • You must be able to bring the vehicle to our office for a quick 5-minute inspection
  • You must make $1,000/month in net (after taxes and other deductions) income
  • You must be able to prove your current place of residence with a piece of mail or other official documentation

If you meet these requirements, you’re almost guaranteed to be approved for a title loan from a direct lender, even if you have a low credit score. For a complete list here is our car title loan requirements page

How to Apply – the Step-By-Step Process

Not sure how to get started with Panhandle Title? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. First, access our apply for a car title loan online page to start an online application and get an instant quote for the value of your car.
  2. Next, come to our office in Cottonwood, AL (Load Address in Waze) with the documents you need to qualify for a car title loan and complete a physical loan application.
  3. One of our loan officers will perform a quick inspection of your car to confirm its make, model, value, and other details.
  4. After this, just sign your loan agreement and get your funds right away—we will write you a check. You keep your keys and your car.

Repay your loan according to your loan agreement. When it’s paid off, you will get your car title back, and your loan repayment is complete!

Get a Vehicle Title Pawn from Panhandle Title Now!

If you need funds in the Florida Panhandle area, Panhandle Title is here to help – even if you have bad credit. Visit our website to get an instant quote for your car today – and if you have questions, feel free to contact us online, or give us a call at (850) 785-2274.