Do I get to keep my car with a title loan?

Yes! At Panhandle Title, you always keep your car, we keep your title! Receiving a title pawn will not require you to leave your vehicle until the account is paid in full so you will have full use of your car throughout the duration that your title pawn remains active, provided you are making at least your minimum payment every 30-days to keep your account in good standing.

Since title loans are essentially title pawns, one of the biggest misconceptions is that in order to pawn your title, you will lose the use of your vehicle, but title pawns do not work like a traditional pawn, or a pawnshop would because with a vehicle, you have a title that our company can secure a lien against to protect our interest in your vehicle, just like a bank would, until your title pawn has been paid in full. Part of the title pawn process after you receive your title pawn, our branch will send the necessary paperwork along with your current title to secure the lien on your title through your state. Once you have paid your title pawn back in full, our branch will release the lien on your vehicle and your title will either remain electronic through your state or a physical copy can be sent to you directly from the state, if you request a physical title.

At Panhandle Title, we understand how important our vehicles are for everyday life and that is why we make sure to make easy access to equity you may have in your vehicle is available to you without the inconvenience of having to rearrange your life by having to lose the use of your vehicle with a title pawn. Although you are required to bring your vehicle to our branch for a quick inspection, we will not require you to keep the vehicle at our branch and you will be able to leave with your vehicle and your check for your title pawn today!

What are you waiting for? Get the money you need today and keep the use of your vehicle! Call us today for additional information! (850) 785-2274