Do I have to have insurance on my vehicle to get a title loan?

Although we do not require proof of insurance as part of your title loan application process, since we require that you drive your vehicle to our office, and it is required to have insurance on your vehicle to operate that vehicle in the state of Alabama and the state of Florida, we do require that your vehicle be insured when you apply for a title pawn application and throughout the duration of your account being open with Panhandle Title.

At Panhandle Title, there are no minimum requirements for the vehicle to be covered or full coverage restrictions and our company will not sell you or require purchasing required insurance premiums as part of the title pawn process. Some companies will use these insurance premiums as a way to offer a lower interest rate on your title pawn but once you add on the additional coverage from the insurance products that they sell, you actually will end up paying more than you would with a traditional title pawn product! These hidden fees and additional expenses are quite costly and not necessary in order to get you access to the cash you need today, at Panhandle Title there are never hidden fees or unnecessary expenses that you will receive with a title pawn from us today!

Panhandle Title looks forward to assisting you today! Call our staff at (850) 785-2274 with any questions you may have about a title loan application with us today!