Do I need a spare key to get a title loan?

No way! Unlike other title pawn lenders, at Panhandle Title, we will never require you to bring a spare key or have a new key made for your title pawn to be approved. These days, keys are expensive, and we try to make the title pawn process as easy as we can. We understand that you may not have the additional money to get an additional key made just to receive a title pawn and you may need the keys that you already have for everyday use, that is why we never require a key for your title pawn application with Panhandle Title!

In fact, to get a title pawn with Panhandle Title, you will need very little documents as part of the application process and one of those requirements will never be a spare or extra key to your vehicle. To apply for a title pawn, you will need to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle (title or registration if your title is held electronically through your state), proof of residency (recent, issued within the last 30-days utility or service bill in your name and at your current residency), proof income (your most recent bank statement or paycheck stub), proof of identity (current, not expired state issued driver’s license or identification card) and your vehicle!

At Panhandle Title, we strive to make the title pawn application process easy and stress free! Call our friendly staff at (850) 785-2274 if you have any additional questions about the title pawn application process! We look forward to assisting you!