If my car is not in perfect shape, can I still get a title loan?

Absolutely! We can approve title pawn applications on all year, make and model personal use vehicles and the condition of your vehicle will not result in the denial of your title pawn application! The condition of your vehicle will play a factor in the amount of the amount that we can approve your application for but will not automatically result in a denial.

When you come in to apply for your title pawn, one of our representatives will conduct a quick overall inspection of your vehicle to gather pertinent information regarding your specific vehicle including overall condition of your vehicle, the current mileage and condition of your vehicle. You must drive your vehicle to our office in order to complete your title pawn application so only if the damage or condition of your vehicle prevents you from driving it to our location would be the only reason, we would be unable to proceed and approve your title pawn application!

Vehicles are used all the time in day to day life so normal wear and tear is expected of your vehicle and sometimes we see vehicles of all conditions with the title pawn application process but as long as your vehicle is currently registered and operational for you to drive it to our location in Cottonwood, Alabama, we will be able to get you as much as we can based upon your vehicle’s current value and your ability to repay the title pawn that you would receive. Skip the trip to the car wash or detailing prior to receiving your title pawn, we are not going to be overly picky about the current condition of your vehicle when you apply for a title pawn with Panhandle Title!

Apply on our website today to find out what you can expect to potentially receive on your title pawn application with Panhandle Title or call our friendly staff at (850) 785-2274 to get a ballpark quote today! We look forward to assisting you today!