My credit is not good do I still qualify for a title loan?

Another great aspect of a title pawn is that there is absolutely no credit check as part of the approval process for your title pawn application so your credit will never play a factor if you qualify for a title pawn! With Panhandle Title, you are more than a credit score and we will use the equity that you hold in your free and clear vehicle as the collateral for your title pawn with our company.

Since we do not run a credit check on any of our title pawn applicants, we do have specific documents that you will need to provide as part of the application process. Typically, the documentation requirements are as follows:

  1. Proof of ownership of the vehicle. Proof of ownership is required to be your physical title, unless you have an electronic title, or e-title. If your title is electronically held through your state, you can provide your registration as proof of ownership of your vehicle. When we begin to process your application, we will be able to confirm that your title is currently electronically held. In the event that the title is a physical title and not an electronic title, you will be required to either provide the current physical title or visit your local tax collector office to obtain a new title to be used in your title pawn application. The Panhandle Title branch will keep your title and secure a lien against your vehicle and the lien will be released when your account is paid in full.
  2. Proof or residency. Proof of residency is typically provided as some type of reoccurring utility or service bill for your residence, issued in your name. Applicants usually provide a power, water, phone, internet, television, or gas bill in their name as proof of residency. We can also accept a bank statement as proof of residency. For all proof of residency documents to be accepted, you must provide your complete and most recent statement, issued within the last 30-days. If your mailing address is a po box or non-residential address, we will require a service bill with the service address for your residency to be included on the bill which typically is the case with all utility bills.
  3. Proof of income. We do have programs that allow us to offer a variety of title pawns without proof of income but providing proof of your monthly income can help you to qualify for more than what we would be able to approve your title pawn application without proof of income. If you receive direct deposit or deposit your income into your bank account, you can provide your bank statement as both proof of income and proof of residency. A paycheck stub will also work as proof of residency. If you do not receive direct deposit or deposit your income to your bank and do not receive a paycheck stub, we can sometimes accept a letter on your company’s letterhead with specific information as proof of income. Award letters for retirement, social security income and other forms of income can also be accepted as proof of income.
  4. Proof of identity. Most of our title pawn applicants already have their driver’s license or identification card already on them, but these are acceptable forms of proof of identity, as long as the license or ID is current, not expired, and valid.
  5. Your vehicle. We do require that your vehicle be driven to our branch for the application process. One of our representatives will complete a quick inspection of the vehicle and gather pertinent information regarding the vehicle’s features so that we can pull the current value of your vehicle to determine along with your income, how much we can offer you for your title pawn. You do not have to accept the maximum amount that we can offer based upon your vehicle and your income, the amount of your title pawn is up to you and how much you would like to receive, provided your vehicle and income can support the amount that you are requesting for your title pawn with Panhandle Title.

With no credit check and easy requirements, we make it easy for customers to receive an approval on their title pawn application at Panhandle Title! Call our friendly and helpful staff at (850) 785-2274 to get an instant over the phone quote so you know what you can expect to potentially receive for your title pawn application with Panhandle Title today! We look forward to assisting you!