What can I use to provide proof of residency to get a title loan?

For proof of residency, we always require that the proof of residency document is a current, within the last 30-days document and in your name in order for us to accept it as proof of residency. There are various forms of utility or service statements that can be provided. Sometimes, applicants will have a mailing address that is different from their physical address and a utility or service bill will provide proof of residency of applicants because both the mailing and physical address will be listed on the bill. Some examples of utility bills that applicants provide, and we can accept are their gas bill, power bill, water bill, internet bill, television bill, or telephone bill. If your bank statement has your current physical address listed on it, we can also accept your bank statement as proof of residency. If you own your house, you can provide your current mortgage statement for proof of residency as well. If you are renting, you can provide either your current rent statement or bill or a current and non-expired lease. In order for us to accept your lease as your proof of residency, the lease cannot be expired and, on a month-to-month extension of the agreement.

In this day and age, at Panhandle Title, we understand that paper bills and statements are usually kept electronically and to save on costs many service providers offer discounts and waiver of fees if you sign up for their paperless statements and we can accept your electronic version of these documents instead of a paper copy. Save yourself the headache of trying to print these electronic copies, you can email the electronic version of your proof of residency before or during your title pawn application process by downloading the current version of your bill or statement and emailing it to our staff at [email protected], our staff can print the document for your application for you!

If you are unable to provide one of the above listed documents as proof of income and want to inquire if we can accept an alternative document for proof of residency for your title pawn application with Panhandle Title, call our friendly and knowledgeable staff at (850) 785-2274 to discuss potential alternative proof of residency documentation that you could potentially provide! We look forward to assisting you!