What do I need for a title loan?

To apply for a title loan with Panhandle Title, you will only need to gather a few documents to provide to our branch to complete your application. We generally ask for applicants to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle, proof of residency, proof of income, proof of identity and your vehicle for a quick inspection. Below, we will explain what documents we can typically except for each requested document type and why we request this from you as part of the application process.

Proof of Ownership of the Vehicle

The most common proof of ownership of the vehicle is the current valid title issued in your name. In some circumstances, we can instead use your registration if your title is currently held electronically within your state but if your title is currently a printed title, we would be unable to proceed with the title loan on your vehicle without the current issued title. If you are unsure if your title is electronically held or a physical paper title, please feel free to call our office at (850) 785-2274 and have either your title or VIN number available for our staff to check and let you know what the current status of your title is and what documentation you will need to provide proof of ownership of your vehicle.

Proof of Residency

When you apply for a title pawn with Panhandle Title, we won’t pull your credit to qualify you so instead of a traditional credit check, we will use your bill to provide proof of residency. We do require that your proof of residency for your title loan application be some type of service bill, or a bank statement and it has to be a current bill, issued within the last 30 days. Most customers are able to provide us with a power, water, gas, internet, phone, cable, or satellite bill. Please note that if your bills are sent to PO Box, this will not be able to be accepted unless the service bill has a mailing address and your current service address listed on the bill. If you are unable to provide one of these types of preferred proof of residency options but have a current and unexpired lease agreement, we would be able to accept this as well. You do not have to have a paper copy of the bill and if you have an online account established through your provider, you can always download the recent bill and email it to our branch at [email protected] and we will use the electronic copy of your bill for your title loan application. If you are unable to provide one of the preferred proofs of residency documents listed, please call our office at (850) 785-2274 to discuss any alternative proof of residency documents you may be able to provide for your application.

Proof of Income

Although we don’t need proof of income to approve your title loan application, providing proof of income will maximize your approval amount on your title loan application with Panhandle Title. For proof of income, we can accept all types of income verification. You can provide your paycheck stub, bank statement showing either regular deposits or direct deposit, 1099 or a statement from your employer to verify your income. In order for us to accept a statement from your employer for proof of income, we do require that the statement be printed on company letter head and provide your net monthly income and your net year to date income, along with your date of hire. Please note that if a letter is provided, we will have to validate the letter with your employer. Providing your proof of income with your bank statement can bonus as both proof of income and proof of residency!

Proof of Identity

For proof of identity, you will need to bring in your current, non-expired state issued ID card or Driver’s License. In the event that your title is registered under a previous name (typically either a maiden name or former name from a previous marriage) you will need to also bring in your marriage license or divorce decree in order for our office to be able to process your title pawn application.


The last and final piece of your title pawn application is your vehicle. One of our representatives will complete a quick 5-minute inspection of your vehicle so that we can gather pertinent information required to pull the value of the vehicle to determine your maximum title loan approval amount based upon the current mileage and the condition of your vehicle. We do require that your vehicle be running and driven to our office for this purpose.

Still have questions? Get answers now! Call our friendly Panhandle Title representatives at (850) 785-2274 now and we will be happy to answer any additional questions that you may have!