What is a title loan?

A title loan is actually the same as a title pawn, and this is a quick and easy way for you to access the equity that you have in your vehicle to get emergency funds for any reason. When you apply for a title pawn with Panhandle Title, your title is your collateral for your account! We never check your credit so your credit score will never play a role in your approval chances. At Panhandle Title, we will determine your title pawn approval amount based upon the value of your vehicle and your income. We always try to ensure that customers can pay back their title pawn so we will be sure to evaluate your income as well as the value of the vehicle because just like any other financing, if you do not pay back the account, you could lose your vehicle and that is something that we try to avoid with our customers.

The way that the title pawn works is actually simple; you will come to our location with your required documents, and we will get your application approved within 20-minutes. We will give you an application to complete, review your documents, inspect your vehicle, pull the value of the vehicle, and determine your approval amount. A title loan approval will be presented to you and your title pawn contract will be completed by our office staff, along with the required state title work paperwork. A representative will review your contract and the terms and conditions of your title pawn agreement with Panhandle Title and have you completed the required paperwork for processing. Once all of the paperwork is completed, you will receive a check for your title pawn with Panhandle Title and your first payment will be due 30-days from the date that you open your new title pawn account with Panhandle Title.

We have had customers need access to emergency cash and our title pawn process is easier than applying with for a quick short-term loan with a bank. Call our office today and receive a quote on your potential approval amount! (850) 785-2274; we look forward to assisting you!